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Zombie Samurai Bundle

Zombified Samurai Bundle – Firstsportz
Top 5 Legendary Bundles in Free Fire That Are Not Available Now
Zombified Samurai Bundle is an awesome bundle in Free Fire. This bundle was released back in 2019 when the game had very little player base. This is a customized version of the ever-popular Samurai Bundle. The bundle comes with an epic mask that is bound to terrify your enemies.

Artic Blue Bundle

Artic Blue Bundle – FirstSportz
Artic Blue Bundle
The Artic Blue Bundle is an epic costume with blue flames running over its body. The bundle was launched long back at the Diamond Royal event. However, due to its popular demand the bundle was bought back into the game for a very limited period. There are no signs of Bundle returning to the game anytime soon.

Red Criminal

Red Criminal Bundle – FirstSportz
red criminal bundle
Top Offender (Red) is one of the most sought after bundles in the game. Very few players own this legendary bundle. Players got to see this bundle back in season 9 of the game through an incubator. Incubator had a different version of this bundle. Since then, Criminal Bundle never returned to the game.

Hip-Hop Bundle

HipHop Bundle – FirstSportz
hip-hop bundle
Every Free Fire player wants to own the epic hip-hop bundle. This has to be the rarest bundle that players have seen. This bundle was given to the players as a reward for the Season 2 Elite Pass. Like the Sakura bundle, this bundle also failed to attract much attention in duration. The bundle was based on Street Style and is definitely one of the most stylish bundles in Free Fire.

Sakura Bundle

Sakura Elite Pass – FirstSportz
sakura bundle
Sakura Mail Bundle has to be one of the oldest but rarest bundles in Free Fire. This bundle was featured in the first season of the Elite Pass. However, due to low viewership at the time, the bundle failed to grab attention. This bundle is one of the golden bundles of games that will never come back.